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Thrive 90 – Day 1

Both the hubs and I have been on a (what seems like) lifelong search for a fitness program that we could do together. Hubs used to lift heavy weights when he was younger and doesn’t feel like he gets any sort of a workout unless he is dripping with sweat at the end. He also doesn’t believe that working out at home is as good as working out at the gym.

I, on the other hand, hate to workout. I hate getting sweaty, I hate the possibility of multiple showers a day, and I have never been a very active person. I was the kind of person that other people envied. I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted and not gain an ounce. Then came my late twenties, 2 kids, and even more inactivity. Yup, that was about 25 pounds ago!

Both of us have been pretty unhappy lately about the state of our bodies – the way we look and the way we feel. Hubs wanted to try P90X, but I knew that I would never get past the first few days. Too much time commitment.  There had to be something  else!

The other night I signed up for a webinar that Dustin Riechmann and Tony DiLorenzo from Fit Marriage were giving. They were giving simple tips on how to fit in workouts for busy families and couples.  It was a great webinar and at the end they promoted their fairly new program, Thrive90.  It’s a workout program that lasts 90 days.  The workouts start out at a beginner pace and you work your way up to a more advanced pace.  What is really nice is that the workouts are all around 30 minutes and you can do them all at home.  This would work perfect for us since hubs had just put his gym membership on hold while work was really busy. 

I bought the program that night and was one of the first 10 to do so.  That’s a great thing because as one of the first 10, if I complete the whole training, take before and after pictures and measurements, then I get my money back!  Can’t beat FREE!!  As we were taking pictures last night, hubs kept telling me he would be fine if I didn’t want to send them in.  I told him that I will see how my afters turn out.  If they are hot then I will definitely do it!!

Today was day 1.  We decided to get up early (5am) and get the workout in.  First up was a cardio routine that looked really easy but kicked my butt!!  It wasn’t a typical cardio routine that is made more for just women (like dancing and stuff) but it was a bunch of moves designed to get your heartrate up and keep it there for a bit.  Hubs liked it and was sweating real good when we were done.

So Day 1 is under our belts…only 89 more to go!  I’ll definitely keep you posted on our progress.


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