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This month, in an effort to save money, stick to our budget and eat healthier, I am challenging myself to eat at home all month.  This may not seem like a hard thing, but trust me, I will have a very hard time with it.

I have drawn out a plan for the week, which actually sounds pretty good to me.  The boys are out of school and I only have one client to visit, so I shouldn’t have any excuse of being too tired or too busy to get it done. 

So here goes – Day 1 – Meatball Subs

I had originally planned on having lasagna tonight, however, I spied some sandwich rolls that D brought home from his mom’s house (read free!) and meatball subs popped into my mind.  By noon I figured out I had all the ingredients to make these meatballs.   They turned out so good and made for an excellent sandwich.  I’m so proud of my creation (maybe a little too proud, lol) and we will definitely be having them again!

So lasagna has been rescheduled to tomorrow night, which will actually be better, because D will be able to take leftovers for lunch when he goes back to work – which will make everyone happy! 😉

How about you, are you up for an Eat at Home challenge?  What are some of your favorite quick and easy meals?


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